Audiovisuals: Projecting the best

Open the doors to the information of your ideas in an easy and immediate way. A good projection is the perfect tool to impact your audience.

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At Ilsotec we are characterized by our commitment to perfection in each event.

We know that each scenario is a new challenge, so we take special care of every technical detail, seeking to ensure that your investment is accurate and gives you the best benefits.

Rental of audiovisual products… for what?

A good audiovisual support makes the difference at the moment when it is important to shine: corporate events, shareholder meetings, congresses, conventions, inaugurations, fairs, open days…

Ilsotec puts at your disposal all the technical and human resources that will guarantee that the component audiovisual will be what you are waiting for. The possibilities are endless.

You will not run out of ideas with us. All our services include all the necessary advice that your project needs.

Projectors, optics and projection screens

Ilsotec supplies professional projectors for your event, without assembly complications or schedules. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure a successful installation. Now you are our priority.

Monitors and LED screens rental

LED screens can be used in a variety of events and for all types of events. The audiovisual resource will take that special moment to excellence.

Video Mapping

Video mapping, also known as 3D mapping or projection mapping, is a video projection technique that allows animated content to be perfectly aligned on the real world, creating a powerful illusion.

A video mapping show makes objects come to life and generates great visual appeal, arousing the interest of viewers.

Do not hesitate to incorporate it into your event. You will be surprised by the results.

Video tables

To handle all types of screens and visuals, it is necessary to have the best live video tables. Camera monitoring, live events, streaming.

Do not skimp on giving your event this valuable resource that will make you a professional.

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