Audiovisual installations: Quality and technology

We put at your disposal a set of solutions perfectly adapted to your environment. We are experts in proposing and executing our service for companies, schools, meeting rooms, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and other spaces for events.

Audiovisual installations for companies, multipurpose rooms, hotels and schools

We are backed by more than 15 years of experience in the audiovisual technology industry. We have faced endless challenges during these years that have consolidated us as pioneers in the installation of sound, lighting and video for companies, schools, theaters and event rooms. 

All the projects we handle carry the Ilsotec quality seal, which guarantees a high level of detail and adaptation of equipment.

Technical advice

Our technical team made up of highly experienced engineers guarantees that your installation will be equipped with the best and most versatile technology on the market.

We have served the most demanding clients and generated for them the best solutions in videoconferencing systems, business presentations, multipurpose rooms for different events and schools.

Projects designed for you

For Ilsotec each project is a new challenge. Our experts will give their best so that you get the best possible configuration adapted to the space, your needs and budget.

The result will be an orderly, versatile, operational and functional audiovisual system. Your investment is guaranteed.

Installation and material sale

Our goal is that you can always be covered. We will find a complete audiovisual system for you, without supplies or replacement parts problems.

We offer you a wide range of leading brands in the audiovisual market, so that your project is backed by the prestige of these teams. With our accompaniment, quality is guaranteed.

Our range of AV equipment includes:

  • Projectors
  • Manual and motorized projection screens
  • Full HD Led Screens
  • Sound systems
  • Lighting equipment



Our service goes beyond the design and installation of your project. An integral part of our commitment is to provide you with complete training so that your human team can be experts in handling the system.

Thus, your equipment will be safe, correctly performed and remaining in excellent condition for a long time.

Maintenance and repair

We provide technical support to all our facilities. We have at your disposal an expert team that will provide the necessary maintenance in order that your equipment can be always operational and working optimally.

Regular visits can ensure your equipment is working properly and make timely configuration corrections that extend its life.

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