We accept the engagement with you

We want both you and your beloveds to remember that moment with joy and enthusiasm

Ilsotec is up to your engagement and provides you with all the experience accumulated after so many years. We know where the unexpected can happen and we anticipate it precisely thanks to our comprehensive vision of the event.

All details covered

We want tranquility to accompany you during your day, in addition to the important emotions of that date. Therefore, we will be there for you and we will take care of every detail without sparing efforts.

Personal, unique and unrepeatable

The perfect wedding is possible with the singular combination of the elegant and the exclusive. Each couple is unique and we know that personalizing the service is the most important thing. We adapt all our proposals to the profile of our clients and above all to their budget.

We offer our services in an integral way so that you do not have to take care of anything, just enjoy that day. And on the other hand, we have modular solutions with specific services that will complete any idea you have. We are flexible and we understand that there are many ways to get to the solution.

Sound for ceremonies

Incorporating a sound system in the preliminary wedding ceremonies is an essential element to meet the expectations of our clients. Generate the right environment with a correct background music, a microphone that allows to clearly distinguish a speech, a few words from the godparents or relatives, etc. Our team will be available during the event, in order to not miss any message.

The moment of dancing will not be the least important: an accurate power with the selection of the appropriate music is the perfect combination that we guarantee to all our clients.

Music by your side

If live music moves you, we have your solution. We will take care of making sure that the musical talent reaches your guests.

Leave the hiring and technical adjustments in our hands. Your job will be to feel proud of having made the  selection of the right artist.

Let your happiness shine

Create the ideal atmosphere for those attending your wedding. Festive, romantic, formal: Everything changes with the illumination.

At Ilsotec we want not only to make our equipment available to you. We want to provide you with our experience and show you the great visual possibilities that you have to offer in that special moment.

A special touch

The visual effect of the large-scale letters is unique. It is an accessible and very colorful resource. You will get unbeatable photos for you and your guests.

Magical, different and special

To make a difference, everything adds up. Don’t settle for the usual. That special moment deserves it.

Every detail you add to your wedding brings you closer to an extraordinary moment that will remain indelible in the memory of your guests.

Pyrotechnics, low smoke, CO2 guns and balloon release are some of the elements that can give that extra touch that is hard to forget.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Our photo booth will allow you to have an original and fun memory of your marriage.

Don’t leave the capture of that moment to chance. Every time your guests see their photos they will recreate that memory and they will be grateful to have been there.

Your message stand out with you

Achieve spectacular photos with this unique and original visual resource. Our phrases will speak for you in that ideal moment for the memory. Ilsotec neons will give that tasteful detail that you are looking for.

A party that goes out in history

Turn your wedding into that family moment they’ll talk about for years. Ilsotec bet to your celebration and puts all the technical and human resources so that your experience will be impeccable. Trust us. Quality is always with us.

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