Organization of sport events

Few things are more exciting than sports competition. Teamwork to achieve victory is in sight.

Build a winning team with us and take first place as an event manager. 

Your favorite event come true

The idea that you have in mind as a sports competition will be possible with our support. All the experience in organization that we offer will allow you to show the talent of your team.

There are no limits. We are used to the most complex logistics and assemblies. It represents one more challenge and an additional motivation.

Organization of sports tournaments

When the number of participants is high, it is important to pay attention to every detail. From registration to meeting schedules, through the registration of results and awards, we will have everything under control.

Each participant and attendee will notice that you are supported by a professional team that will not leave you alone.

Club presentations, formal dinners and openings

Our infrastructure and logistics, accompanied by our technical team, are the perfect combination to make that presentation, dinner or inauguration that you have in mind.

Organization of races

Reach the goal with your project.

You can trust that with our support there will be no difficulties in your event. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sprint or a marathon. If it is family or professional. At Ilsotec we immediately connect with your idea and give you the solution you need to manage your competition.

Permitting, registration, awards… the execution of the event will be impeccable with our team. We will solve all your doubts and you can always count on our expert opinion to overcome any unforeseen event. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Sport evenings organization

Sporting events are ideal settings to highlight human relationships. Organizer or sponsor, supplier or participant. Wherever you stay you will be able to see the magic around the competition.

Any idea is the perfect excuse to achieve these meetings. It is the opportunity for you to shine as an organizer. You can do it with complete confidence. Our team will give everything to achieve the objectives.

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