Joy and party take to the streets

The moment everyone waits for months. The festival speaks of the soul and the celebration of the towns like no other activity. Every year the demands are greater and it is increasingly important to stand out and surprise the attendees. Prestige is at stake.

Organization of Local Festivals

The effort of months reflected in a short time. These are not moments to underestimate the details that make the difference and with us you have guaranteed success.

Local Festivals services

We make every week of working with you worthwhile. Admiration and congratulations are the best reward for effort. We will be there with you so that you receive what you deserve.

Each service you contracted with us is backed by advice and guidance to get advantage of it. You will not be alone.

We have everything at your disposal. Even what has not been planned: sound, lighting, special effects, scenes, structures, etc. We will do great things together.

Our human resource will be by your side to answer any questions or concerns. We watch over that everything is clear and well programmed.

Live music for your Local Festival

At Ilsotec we have a plan that adapts perfectly to your party. We know from experience what artists match with your audience. We have the advantage of knowing the tastes of the market and what can really surprise the attendees. The mission is to dazzle the public and we know how to achieve it for you.

Live music, DJs, karaoke… All alternatives are backed by our excellent technical service that will ensure that your parties are unforgettable.

Effects to be remembered

Our special effects services are the perfect surprise for your parties. We have an incredible range of options, with a touch of originality and creativity difficult to be overcomed. 

Co2 cannons, pyrotechnics, balloon effects, photo booths, among others. We make possible details that will give you distinction.

Are you thinking of organizing an event, but you don't know where to start?

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