Organization of Corporate Events

Corporate events allow you to enhance your company’s brand like no other action. It strongly promotes knowledge and sense of belonging of employees, suppliers and key relationships. Do not miss the opportunity to make that meeting with your people unforgettable.

Improves motivation. Involve your team. With our help you will find promising actions for your business.

Ilsotec team will help you to reach the finish line

What types of corporate events do we organize?

There are many ways to classify events. Depending on the type of audience expected, the objective, the number of attendees. Everything obeys the result you want to expect. Our technical and creative team is used to rising to any challenge.

Organization of congresses and conferences

We organize from meetings in small rooms to the largest auditoriums, taking care of details such as accreditation, access control, attendee status and prevention of crowds, among others.

We achieve more and better professional, commercial and social objectives. Moreover, we execute the production in its entirety so that each foreseen situation occurs with total normality.

Organization of Fairs

Fairs are vitally important events for conducting business and connecting with future customers. They generate notoriety and can also represent an interesting source of income for organizers and partners.

Together we can organize the necessary objectives to execute your project.

Open houses

The open days are the opportunity to broaden the horizons of your project par excellence. It is that moment where everything must go fine. The moment to show your prestige and be proud of your institution.

Ilsotec gives you all the logistical support needed to show the best. Your project is worth that and more.

Family Day

Integrating the work and family environments is undoubtedly a modern challenge for today’s companies. There are lots of efforts and resources invested in this type of practices that seek to humanize the relationship between the people involved in a business.

Take the opportunity to bring values closer to your environment. Provide your employees with a pleasant and different space that makes them more involved.

Enjoy our experience. We know the kind of activities that can provide the results you need.

We will design a unique experience for your team, with playful elements and taking into account the profile of the attendees. Everyone will be included.

Take advantage of this boost and improve intra-family ties with the company. With originality and creativity they will have a wonderful experience. Do not hesitate.

Product Presentation

Your product is the star. We organize that moment of your presentation with you so that the most important benefits and characteristics can stand out. It is time to create a sensation that impacts your guests. Creativity will be the perfect tool to achieve it.

In these events, Ilsotec can help you make a difference. We will be involved in the entire process so that every detail is covered. We know that it takes effort and work to be in charge, so we offer you our help. 

Our multidisciplinary team has enough knowledge to interact with any department of your company, guaranteeing that synergy between them can be a reality. Every event is a challenge for us.

Organization of company anniversaries

Every passing year is a reason to celebrate. An anniversary is a special occasion to look back and see what has been achieved along the way. Large corporations understand this and don’t overlook this special event.

Take advantage of this opportunity to entertain your loved ones. Let them know how valuable they are and what they bring to the team. Recognition is the factor key in these celebrations.

We design the entire activity program for you according to your budget and creating value to the event.

We provide the optimal conditions for your celebration.

Formal dinner

The formal dinner ends a period for your team. It is time to express with gratitude the effort and the desire put forth by your human talent. A good organization is essential so that everything is up to the circumstances.

We will take care of every detail for you. Decoration, menu, musical atmosphere, awards. Your team will be feeling at home.

Teambuilding activities

We generate experiences to develop the values of your company. We design and execute activities where leadership, empathy and teamwork set the standard.

Every link is important. Encouraging comradeship is a good feat for your management. With team building activities you will have guaranteed a team that will give everything to achieve the goals. We will go hand in hand with you in this initiative.

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