Resources that takes your event to the highest level

Special effects allow you to create unconventional situations that maximize your event. With them, you will give that surprise that nobody expects and you will be able to impress your guests.

We are at your disposal to guide you in the selection of the indicated element. With our experience, we will advise you so that you hit the mark with the idea that you want to convey. With us you will have everything under control.

Fire machines for events

The warmth of the fire will be at your service. That moment deserves it. If you imagine it, we can achieve it together.

Make that special event an unforgettable day. We will provide this resource with total security and prevention.

Laser and lighting effects

Futuristic and huge. If you want these attributes in your celebration, you are in the right place. The possibilities are endless with a good design and staging.

Our lighting team will give shape to that idea and will create a moment like no other for you and your attendees.

You will be surprised to know the number of alternatives that we have for your event in our catalog of services and how accessible they are. Ask us what comes to your mind. We are here to solve any concern.

Co2 guns and Co2 Megatron

Use our CO2 guns to make that moment sublime.

You can guarantee success with our special effects elements.

Cold fire machines

5 meters of spark and energy without pyrotechnics. Without restrictions of permissions or authorizations, with total security.

An unforgettable surprise.

Confetti cannon

We have single-use electric and manual confetti tubes or cannons at your disposal. We work with totally professional and guaranteed teams.

Our professional confetti and streamer cannons are not flammable and you can customize them in color, finish and shapes.

Low smoke and hazer rental

Walking on the clouds, being in the sky… Supply that moment you dream of is possible thanks to our wide range of smoke, hazer and low smoke machines. This will undoubtedly be a memorable resource.

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