Concerts and Festivals

Organizing a concert or festival is possible with the right allies. We help you to make your idea come true.

Ilsotec has for you a service of coordination, planning and support in the execution with which you will achieve all your objectives. We organize for you all the necessary services so that nothing is missing: sound, lighting, audiovisuals, stages, special effects, tents, generators and technical staff, among others.

Concerts and Festivals: Living the emotion of live music

We guide you from the moment you have the idea. With us you will be able to see all the possibilities that your project has in a clear way. Concert, festival or a play: It doesn’t matter what it is. We will ensure that you have the best services available.

Sound for concerts

We are specialists in the rental of sound and loudspeakers equipment. We manage perfectly in open and closed spaces and we know the yield that our team gives.

We are supported by having the most prestigious brands in the market in our stok, which guarantees impeccable, clear and powerful sound for your event.

Audiovisuals and sound for Local Festivals

Our agile and practical working method allows us to join mixed teams without complications, contributing our technical vision and experience. We will help you in the selection of talent, in the planning of the entire structure and we will be present in the general production.

With Ilsotec’s audiovisual resources you can be completely peaceful because there won’t be mistakes. We assume with responsibility and ambition that your event comes out flawless.

Sound and lighting for theaters and dance schools

Closed spaces have a particular audiovisual projection potential. Creative use of venue walls can make the difference between an ordinary event and an unforgettable one. Ilsotec can achieve very powerful visual effects for you that are difficult to go unnoticed.

With our sound equipment, the performances of your dance school and other types of interpretations will have an appropriate auditory support that will complement your scenery, lights and other elements. The integration of everything will create a perfect performance. Your goals will be covered with us, without concerns or surprises. 

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