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Our goal is to offer our customers the best without restrictions. We are committed to getting the message across in the best possible way to our top-performing teams.

We believe in the importance of sound. Your client deserves it and this will always be a priority for us.

Sound for concerts and festivals

Concerts and festivals are, without a doubt, a fundamental element of the music industry. The energy of bringing together the public and artists is comparable to few things. In these experiences, sound takes on a leading role that should not be entrusted to just anyone.

At Ilsotec we show off our experience in all types of assemblies, giving all our projects a guarantee and quality.

Sound for events

Conferences, congresses, inaugurations, gala dinners… Nothing escapes our radar. We know exactly what equipment each project needs. We adapt to your assembly and configure the service so that everything is impeccable.

Equipment rental

If you need to reinforce an existing equipment, or you need to complement the requirement of your assembly, you are in the right place. We can offer you a wide range of equipment possibilities. You can count on our advice and together we will prepare an ideal team with the different brands that we have:

  • Line Array Systems
  • Full range speakers
  • Stage Monitors
  • Subwoofer

Sound table rental

We know this is the heart of sound montages. We put at your disposal our catalog of analog or digital tables. With our teams your chances of doing business will grow.

Microphone rental

Meet the requirements of your clients and events like a professional. Taking care of the details matters.

Ilsotec offers you a wide range of vocal and instrumental microphones for live events and recording, including dynamic and condenser microphones.

We work with major brands such as Sennheiser, Shure, DPA and EarthWorks, among others.

DJ equipment rental

Don’t settle for less. If your event needs more, it’s time to grow. We have a wide range of current DJ equipment to achieve the best mixes and audio compositions.


Pioneer, Denon and Numark are among our suggestions. The possibilities are just beginning:

  • Pioneer Controllers
  • Live tables
  • Mixers
  •  Turntable
  •  All-in-one DJ systems

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